The Necessary Cares of Malinois Dog Owner

Malinois Talents
Certainly, it is worth noting that the working Malinois dog breed - is a dog only for professionals and for professional purposes. But you do not have to buy a Ferrari to drive it to village market for groceries. Working Malinois dog - is a highly specialized dog, in which for many generations certain behavioral characteristics  - unique working qualities - have been cultivated. Being in the wrong place, in the hands of an inexperienced person, the dog,  will inevitably become the source of problems for itself and for others. Therefore, if you do not work in the security services and are not a professional athlete, working Malinois dog breed - is not for you. Better to find for yourself something simpler.

Health and care

Belgian Shepherds have exceptionally good health. They are very unpretentious, perfectly endure out-of-doors living, rarely ail. Their fur with dense undercoat protects them from any bad weather. They do not eat a lot and are rather unpretentious in meals.

This is a very active dog that requires not just an ordinary walk with a good physical activity, but namely exercising, training. No matter  which service the dog is involved in, it is important that it has any work, because this animal is specially bredto service the human. He is tireless, and suffers very much without work, and when left unattended, can cause many problems to its owner. Certainly, this dog is for active people who have enough time to practice with the pet and are always ready to catch myself questioning look of  four-legged friend, "What else am I to do for you, Master?".

With good care Belgian Shepherd maintains the health and performance for many years (up to 12-13 years of age and older). He can be used for service longer than other breeds. Belgians live usually for 14-15 years or more. They are not peculiar to any specific hereditary diseases, they are quite prone to hip and elbow joint dysplasia, they rarely have gastric volvulus.

Grooming is very simple. He requires regular combing only during molting. In Belgium Shepherds are not washed at all, even before the show. Fans of the show - the Americans of course wash and use a hair dryer for their show-Malinois before the show, as, by the way, they do with all the other breeds. But that's another story.

Purchase and puppy behaving

No matter where you bought Malinois it is advisable to see the puppy parents to assess their character and working abilities, but not only to take the pedigree of the dog. It is recommended to take the puppy of this breed at an early age, at about 45-60 days, and immediately begin a competent pet socialization and early training, which makes very beneficial effect on the behavior of the adult dog. Belgian Shepherd Malinois - is a extremely sensitive breed to social deprivation in early childhood and it is sure to be considered.

Most professional clubs and kennels testings on behavior of puppies with a series of special tests are conducted regularly, and on the basis of their results assumptions concerning the character and future working abilities of an adult dog are made. When buying a puppy it is useful to get to know the results of those tests.

In addition, choosing this wonderful breed, soberly assess your forces and capabilities. Belgian Shepherd will reveal its unique potential only in loving and very skillful hands.