Most Adaptable

Malinois does not require any special care of their health and because of breeding were excluded sires with inherited defects, including with dysplasia of the joints. It should be noted that the breeders who have been breeding for many years in different countries appeared to be honest people, they with reverence treat the breed and do not use in breeding animals that have even small, often inconspicuous to others, deficiencies in health, psychology or exterior!

At the end of the XIX century Malinois has shown a good ability to learn that went along with balanced character. Even without knowing the standard, when looking at the dog you see that it is well-built harmonic animal. It has developed and relief muscles, however, is lean and streamlined. Malinois - is flexible and mobile, combines both strength and speed, quickness of understanding. With their structure, physical abilities and temperament Malinois is simply created to participate in sports.

Those who believe that Malinois is nothing but a machine, controlled by man, and not able to make independent decisions, check out the competition on the Ring in Belgium! In France training programs for Malinois are not enough complicated, but in Belgium the dog has to perform at the competition such actions which are beyond the limits of its training program. For example, the conditions of competition change every week, and neither owner nor dog have any idea what kind of tasks would appear before them. Sometimes you can hear the opinion that the Ring is designed specifically for the Malinois. But the ring simply gives an opportunity to reveal the valuable qualities of the breed and to show what it can do and how with the help of breeding you perfect its working qualities. Malinois perform brilliantly in ring competitions, shepherd's search service, not to mention the sports disciplines such as Schutzhund and the international test system FCI, where Malinois dogs become permanent winners.

Malinois - is a working dog with a fiery temperament and a big heart, as if created for the training by man. It is extremely nice as a friend of the family, provided that it given an opportunity to release its energy.

It pays no attention to any weather and enjoys life in the open air, so it is essential that it needs to walk and run outdoors as much as possible. In the hands of an experienced and careful instructor Belgian Shepherd easily learns the most difficult skills. Abuse treatment is detrimental to the psyche of the dog and can turn from full of enthusiasm dog which is ready to do everything for the master into puppy, poor neurotic and miserable coward! With regard to the physiological characteristics and the nature this breed deserves all kinds of attention.

Requires a very simple maintenance, such as a good brushing. Wash your dog is not recommended, even before the competition or exhibition, unless it is very dirty. She has a "double" coat, so that in case of combing undercoat the dog will be only half of the wool. Belgian Shepherd Dog should be fed as well as other working dogs of the same size: one and a half - two standard diet food professional.

More often you can see this dog at work: catastrophes, avalanches, drugs, explosives, army ... Why? Because of the ability to adaptation this extraordinary dog has. It quickly adapts to the conditions in which the gets. Another advantage of the breed, that is important from veterinarian point of view - are healthy, in every sense of the word animals. They rarely have volvulus of the stomach, dysplasia of elbow or hip joints, these dogs live a long life, while maintaining high efficiency. Very often you can see 7-year-old dogs or older which participate well at the international competitions.

If to talk about Malinois in a nutshell, the definition of this breed would have sounded like this: "extraordinary adaptability".

Malinois dog work in the police and rescue squads around the world. These dogs search for explosives and drugs, work as guides for blind people, occupy the first places in various competitions and are beyond comparison in Big Ring. This obedient and faithful dog with its lively, cheerful and happy temperament will please you and perhaps will give no cause for concern. But maybe most important, Malinois - is a great friend, companion and soul of the whole family!