Malinois and Dog show

Malinois, which is going to be shown at the exhibition should be taught from an early age:

- to be touched hands, to be patient when judge examines ears, teeth, testicles
- the dog should allow to touch it and to be set;
- to be able to move at a trot near master's foot, so as the judge was able to estimate its motion;
- to be friendly toward other dogs on the ring and the have no fear of them;
- to be able to show himself well during the examination: the dog should look well from all sides.

Do not bring your dog at the dog show at the time of moulting. Regularly clean the dog with a brush, etc. For the newcomer the best is to seek the advice of the club.

The club of the breed can learn how brood is evaluated (six-point rating system is used). The young producers may not have many points, in this case it is better to address to experienced breeders.