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  • Model: C41##1065 Mylon Dog Collar with Quick Release Buckle


Unbelievable Nylon Belgian Malinois Quick on/off Dog Collar

You are tired of all that long gatherings when you have to put through a buckle the collar strap, when it always happens that your energetic Malinois canít stand on one place and you therefore canít shove the strap. You began to nervous and your beloved pet canít understand why and whatís wrong.
Familiar situation?
To forget about these annoying moments we recommend you our Multi-purpose Malinois Nylon Collar with Quick Release Buckle. It is light weight, easy care, easy-in-use nylon collar that will make your life more comfortable.

  • Belgian Malinois Comfy Training Nylon Dog Collar With Quick Release BuckleTraining Nylon Malinois Dog Collar
  • Malinois Dog Collar With D-Ring, Quick Release Buckle And Tri-GlideUniversal Nylon Malinois Collar

Basic "pros" of this Nylon Belgian Malinois Dog Collar:

  • dog-safe materials
  • durable and water resistant nylon
  • comfy quick release buckle
  • tri-glide for length regulation
  • steel nickel plated D-ring for leash attachment
  • any weather wearing

We recommend to use this Nylon Malinois collar for:

  • walking
  • training
  • vet-visit
  • home/kennel

Sizes available:

  • 1 1/2 inch ( 40 mm ) wide
  • 16-24 inches (40-60 cm) long
  • 20-32 inches (50-81 cm) long

Available colors:

  • black

This material has recently conquered the world of collars production. Though it is a synthetic polymer it is dog safe. You are the owner of very active and intelligent dog breed that requires a lot of movement no matter the weather. And you know what is it to tidy dog garments after a walk or training in slush weather. With our Nylon collar it wonít be such a problem, because it is easy to brush and sometimes all you have to do to clean the collar is just rinse it under the water steam.
Nylon is a water resistant material and training on the beach and swimming are just the perfect activities in this collar. In general probably all types of training activities are possible in this collar. Its durability, safety and width quite allow it.

Quick release buckle.
The full comfort is guaranteed with this quick release buckle. If you have never had such type of collar then you will be really amazed having purchased this one. The process of adjustment and fixation is one of the pleasant things. Quick on and off make you think no more about long gathering and problems connected with it. You and your dog will now be always happy to gather for a walk or training. High mood is guaranteed.

One more important and indispensable elements of this Nylon Malinois Collar is a tri-glide strap regulator. Nylon collar strap now can be adjustable in length. This cool tool helps to adjust the length of nylon strap and fix in securely.
So, now if your dog has put on weight or has grown up you will have the opportunity to regulate the length of the collar if its size allows it.

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