Belgian Malinois is not only in Belgium

Malinois in France.
In France annually about 1,600 Malinois are born, only 400-500 of them participate in dog shows, and the rest - are working dogs. Breeders of show and working dogs set different goals for themselves, and none of other breeds can be compared with working Malinois by working qualities. In the French intelligence services they now practically use only this dog breed. Every year in August, during 3 days near Paris a big International show of Belgian Shepherds takes place, where more than 600 dogs from around the world are involved. During these days exterior trainings, testings, and various competitions are held. To become a champion of France in beauty, the dog, in addition to its victories at the shows, will have to pass testing. Diploma in training is not required, but taking a test on the character, that is held at the largest international dog show of France, is a must. In addition, the dog should have a x-ray picture of the hip to check if there is any dysplasia .

Malinois in Finland.
Here, the Malinois is one of the most popular and numerous of shepherds. Finns willingly attend the shows and are very passionate about training their pets in different disciplines. Most show dogs of all varieties successfully participate in competitions. The local population of Malinois is replenished by imports from Belgium and France.

Malinois in the United States of America.
In the USA somewhat different type of Malinois dog breed is cultivated. It differs from the European one. Working Malinois are popular in police, army and intelligence services. Kennels successfully exhibit their dogs mainly on the American continent.

Malinois in Russia
In 1996, Alexander Leonidovich Romanovich brought to Moscow a few producers of Malinois from Belgium. Some of these dogs were transferred to the Dog Training Kennel. Since 1997 breeding of "the Belgians" in Russia began. Then Malinois dogs were imported to Russia from the U.S.A. and France.
Belgian Shepherd Malinois is evenly distributed around Russia from Kaliningrad to the Far East. Due to the unique qualities and good health, Malinois found more and more new fans and now is widely used in sports and various services. Malinois dogs from Russia take part in a great variety of the dog shows and competitions abroad.